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Est Consulting was established in 2004. Our purpose is to provide investment opportunities, consulting activities, and excursions for  Anglo-Saxon clients, exclusively to Italy, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Shortly after the inception our consulting activities attracted a great deal of interest not only from traditional entrepreneurs, businesses, companies, and small traders, but primarily from private investors, who are interested in economic enterprising in the “Live Market”, where there are great opportunities for transactions in investment real estate. Historically, it is the building block of investing in all markets and during all economical, social and political circumstances.

The mission of Est Consulting is undoubtedly to offer a long list of real estate options, starting with apartments to villas, land, and industrial properties to our  Anglo-Saxon clients.

Specific offers by Est Consulting:

  • Web pages presentation with a list of selected properties you can choose from
  • Description of each property, specified according to individual requirements
  • Preparation of meetings with interested parties from abroad and clients
  • Extract from the Land Registry
  • Carrying out all necessary services
  • Banking and financial consultation
  • Continuous supervision of results

We provide all this and much more for the investor exclusively. Thus, why not to invest in Italy, Czech Republic and Slovakia ?

The answer is immediate and easy: today is one of the historical moments that afford to us all an excellent opportunity to capitalize on real estate. Gorgeous luxurious villas in tourist and historic locations, hundreds and hundreds of apartments in city centers and suburbs, building lots and agricultural land as well as industrial halls will be sold for particularly low prices.  In the Czech Republic and Slovakia because real estate always cost less than in the rest of Europe, ensuring consistently high annual recapitalizations, in Italy because the long economic recession has led to a general and consistent lowering of the costs of all types of properties. These are opportunities that we dare to call unrepeatable in terms of the units for sale and their cost that was never as low as it is now.

This is the right moment to buy your villa on the shores of the beautiful Italian sea or exquisite mountains near exceptional ski hills.

Or to acquire a variety of apartments, delightful cottages, major shopping complexes in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Est Consulting offers to its  Anglo-Saxon clients who are eager to move or work in Italy, Czech Republic and Slovakia, the following services:

  • market development and analysis
  • brand impact
  • potential partner selection, technical competency and financial reliability proof
  • location with properties matching specific business requirements identification
  • legal, revenue, and administrative help with interpreting services, with or without embassy intervention
  • organization of missions between interested parties from abroad
  • financial consulting
  • input into structural and/or financial resources in general
  • corporation start up according to Italian, Czech Republic and Slovakia law.

We would like to remind you, that we also organize trips, excursions, and missions to the most important and interesting art and touristic parts of Italy,  Czech Republic and Slovakia throughout the year. And let’s not forget the small villages, small realities that will become your opportunity, thanks to our all-Italian staff, to enter into immediate contact with their beauty. After you visit fashion boutiques, you can sit down in a typical Italian “trattoria” and enjoy delicious meat, fish or game, typical Italian pasta and special smoked meats and cheeses, rinsed with luscious Italian wines. Experience all this being attended to by cordial Italian waiters with an Italian music in the background. This immediate contact with true Italy allows you to live and absorb unique authenticity and unmistakeable flavour that Italy can offer to its happy visitors.

What about the silence and peace of the forests Czech and Slovak authentic triumphs of nature, the enchantment of Prague, romance Bratislava washed by the Danube, all washed down by the famous Czech and Slovak beer, countries who invented beer and who have the world record of better beer ever !

Est Consulting is offering consultation and complete assistance to those, whose goal is to invest as well as to those, who want to experience enchanting Italy, Czech Republic and Slovakia in their leisure time.     No matter what you choose, Est Consulting will accompany you. Est Consulting is a take-off platform for your business. From a simple property purchase or sale to a corporation start up or an excursion, Est Consulting will be your competent and responsible partner, providing you with continuous assistance and offering an ideal solution to any problem.

Look at the page “Le nostre offerte”.

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